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Ecological activity of the Viking-Nevo club

One of the main goals of the Smolensk sport-expeditionary club “Viking-Nevo” is organizing the environmental activity of the youth. The Viking-Nevo club has the ecological section in its structure which consists of teachers, students and pupils who have a great interest in research and protection of nature. The activities of this section are directed to taking part in the environmental events as well as to organizing the work of the joint club-members. The joint members of the Viking-Nevo club are the ecological sections of the six Smolensk schools and two schools of Smolensk region.

Ecological activity of the club-members is coordinated by pedagogical stuff of the ecological section. The pedagogical stuff consists of teachers of the Smolensk school number 33 which works according to experimental program “Ecology and Dialectics”. Scientific adviser of the ecological section is Victor Shkalikov, the associate professor of the Smolensk Teacher’s Training University.

By now the annual calendar of the nature-conservative measures of the Viking-Nevo club is formed. The calendar is beeing updated every year and includes following events:

The most important ecological projects of the Viking-Nevo club:

» 1994  “Will protect the Penisnar Lake” program.
The Viking-Nevo is rewarded with the Big Medal of Russian Association for Environmental Protection.

» 1995  Organizing the school forestry “Viking”.
I place at the regional show-competition of nature-conservative measures. Read more…

» 1996  Certification of the nature monuments of Smolensk region.
Schedule times: summer-autumn 1996. The project was supported by the Resources for Environmental Activists Organization (ISAR). 48 nature monuments of Smolensk region were certificated. Read more…

Participation in the Russian competition “Water on the Earth”.
The I Grade Diploma. Special prize for the environmental activities of the youth. Diploma for the social amount of the youth work.

» 1997  Participation in the All-Russian competition “Podrost”.
The school forestry “Viking” is the winner of the All-Russian competition “Podrost”. Diploma of the Committee on Youth Affairs of the Russian Federation. Read more…

» 1998  Certification of the nature monuments of Yartsevo and Safonovo regions.
Schedule times: summer-autumn 1998. The project was supported by the Open Society Institute. The nature monuments of two regions were refined and placed under control. Read more…

» 1999  Participation in the Russian competition “Birds’ Day”.
The Viking-Nevo club is the winner of the Russian competition “Birds’ Day”. Read more…

» 2000  Organizing the environmental activity of the Smolensk youth.
Diploma of the Russian Local Lore Union.

» 2001  Participation in the IV international festival “Children and Ecology XXI Century”.
The program of the Viking-Nevo club “Saving the nature monuments in Smolensk region” won the main prize of the festival — The Big Crystal Turtle, and also the prize of people liking — The Small Crystal Turtle.

» 2002  International ecological expedition along the Dnieper river.
The project was supported by the International Development Research Centre (Ottawa, Canada) with the financial support of the United Nations Development Program. Read more…

» 2003  Ecological expedition along the Vyazma river — the left confluent of the Dnieper river.
The expedition included the ecological inspection of the Vyazma river, showing up the main pollution of the river along its current, photo and video shooting. Read more…

Participation in the international ecological forum “Green Planet”.
The members of the Viking-Nevo club became the prize-winners in the competitive program of the forum. Read more…

» 2004  Historical and cultural expedition “Rusich”
The participants of the voyage sailed 690 miles by sailing-motor boat “Bylina” through Ladoga Lake, Neva-river and Finnish Gulf from Staraya Ladoga to the capital of Finland, to Helsinki. The Rusich expedition had the cultural, sport and ecological goals. Read more…

Participation in the international ecological forum “Green Planet”.
The members of the Viking-Nevo club became the prize-winners in the competitive program of the forum. Read more…

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