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Voluntary work
Voluntary work during the “Parks’ March” event

Participation in the international events of the “Parks’ March”

The Parks’ March is not only international event for the Viking-Nevo club. The club starts to prepare for it after the winter holidays, and the events of the Parks’ March continue till the end of November. During the preparation the members of the Viking-Nevo club tell others about national park “Smolensk Lakes”, take part in all park’s competitions and organize their own, prepare the gift examples of the nestling places for the national park.

During the Parks’ March the Viking-Nevo club invites to the national park over 70 children and teachers. They go to the part not empty-handed and take with them the best in the city nestling places and reports and also equipment for the work: spades, rake, buckets, and festive transparencies.

The Parks’ March starts with the meeting, then the excursions to the museum of local lore and museum of Przhevalsky, planting trees in the dendro-park and the voluntary work from the noon till evening. On the second day the voluntary work from morning till evening is taking place by par’s administration tasks. This work includes clearing the lakes sides which are the pearls of the park, preparation the ecological paths for the excursion season, scavenging, hanging up the nestling places, planting trees and flowers. In the evening after the meal and before the sleep the ecological conference, educational films showing and the active rest take place. On the third day the work in the eco-educational center on the Baklanovo park base, discussion the results and future plans, rewarding the participants of the Parks’ March are organized.

Illustrations of the effective work of the Viking-Nevo club in this direction are the responses in the mass media, awards of the national park and the Biodiversity Conservation Center.

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