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Green Planet

International ecological forum “Green Planet”

During 24-28 of November 2003 the international ecological forum “Green Planet” took place in the Moscow region. There were 417 delegates (328 were children) from more than 100 organizations which unite about 35 thousands of children on the forum. Smolensk region was represented by the school forestry “Viking”. The Smolensk delegation consisted of six children and the leader Sergey Suhoruchenkov.

The participants of the forum from 48 region of Russia demonstrated their progress in different forms. 324 projects were presented on the competition of scientific and practical works. The projects illustrated such problems as ecology of water and air, ecology of flora and fauna, waste products and household chemical goods, ecology of space and social ecology. Three projects were represented by Smolensk children. The project “Saving the nature monuments in Smolensk region” by Vasilkova Olga and Kochkareva Tanya evoked the greatest interest of participants and organizers of the forum.

Besides the events concerned with demonstration the progress of youth ecological organizations the educational youth programs were also hold. Children could take part in the correspondence press-conference and ask the ecological questions to the president and government of Russian Federation, to Ministries of Natural Resources, Education, Defense, Finance, Emergency, Health, Science and Engineering, Railways and to Moscow government.

At the same time during the round-table discussion the representatives of each region could give their view about the role of ecological organizations in ecological problems solving. The main view of the discussion was in consolidation of different ecological organizations irrespective of their numerical strength, forms of organization and kind of activity. The press-conference holding as well as the round-table discussion were pointed to forming the civil and legal culture of the youth.

The international level specialists who were holding the creative studios “Ecological poster” and “Self-appraisal of the social utility of the ecological works” not only acquainted the delegates with the poster art rules and the self-appraisal methods, but also let to apply these theoretical knowledge in practice. Smolensk children took an active part in all events of the forum. The information from Sergey Suhoruchenkov about planned the VII international festival “Children and Ecology XXI Century” evoked the big interest of participants of the forum.

In 2004 four members of the Viking-Nevo club took part in the international forum “Green Planet”. Oficerova Nadezhda, Kardash Rita and Kodukov Nikolay became the prize-winners.

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