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National park Smolensk Lakes
The members of the Viking-Nevo club took under their patronage the dendro-park in the national park “Smolensk Lakes”

Co-operation with the national park “Smolensk Lakes”

The friendship of many years connects the Viking-Nevo club with the national park “Smolensk Lakes”. One of the club’s goals is providing access for as many Smolensk children as possible to the beauties of the park, to its natural and aesthetic resources. That is why the list of the reports’ themes of the city competition contains the theme “National park Smolensk Lakes”.

During the work of the summer ecological camp “Viking” the groups of children are always delegated to the national park for the voluntary work. The members of the Viking-Nevo club took under their patronage the dendro-park — they took part in its laying and every year continue to plant the trees, to hang the nestling places and do other necessary job. The Viking-Nevo club is the strict guard of the nature during organizing mass youth events and festivals in the national park.

During of many years co-operation with national park the members of the Viking-Nevo club made over 30 educational and research camping trips along the park, took part in planning the routes of two ecological paths, planted the Victory Park and over 1200 young trees, hung up over 200 nestling places.

The Viking-Nevo club welcomes the holding the Author’s Songs Festival in the national park “Smolensk Lakes”. In 1999 this event was organized in Smolensk region for the first time and excited the great interest of people at the same time. The events of such level are popularize the environmental work in Russia and that is why the club supports the festival. The young foresters take part in the concert program with the ecological miniatures, control the maintenance environmental demands on the park’s territory during the festival, help with the organizing and holding the festival, and do other necessary work.

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