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Friends of the Viking-Nevo club

  • The Rus Project (Finland)
    The Rus project did a pioneer work by starting the first Finnish Viking ship project in 1991. The activity is related to marine-archaeological experimental work on amateur and voluntary basis. Members of the project build ship replicas and sail them the way they were sailed in ancient times. Also life on board is in harmony with the time.

  • Sommelo Association (Finland)
    Sommelo (est. 1997) is an ideological association with a purpose of furthering knowledge and research of the Finnish Prehistoric time especially concerning the latter Iron Age (550-1150/1300 Common Era). Sommelo gather information from different sectors of the science and arts in order to enliven them by practical application. The activity is based on three prerequisites: knowledge based on Archaeological facts and Ethnic studies; the skills and the knowledge of crafts; and holistic cultular weltanschauung.

  • Viikinkiajan Laiva ry (Finland)
    The project of the Sotka Viking ship. Sotka is a replica of finnish viking-age ship, based on remains found from eastern Finland. The ship was built by the members of the association, using traditional tools and methods. Even methods long ago fallen in disuse, such as setting the boards by using fresh planks.

  • Grey Wolves (Finland)
    Grey Wolves organization restoring handy and war crafts, way of life and traditions of Viking Age.

  • KYSTEN Association (Norway)
    KYSTEN (the Coastal Association) takes care of the cultural heritage and environment protection in Norway.

  • Socio-Ecological Union (Russia)
    The Socio-Ecological Union is the only international ecological organization born in the USSR. The Socio-Ecological Union brings together more than 10 thousand persons from 17 countries of Europe, Asia and North America.

  • Forest.RU (Russia)
    Everything about Russian forests, their conservation and sustainable usage.


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