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Saving the nature monuments in Smolensk region
The members of the Viking-Nevo club are inspecting the nature monument in Smolensk region

Program of saving the nature monuments in Smolensk region

At present time the main part of the natural monuments of Smolensk region is in abeyance because of changed social and economic conditions. Many of them become useless and degenerative. A lot of the nature monuments are almost destroyed and some of them are not exist any more.

In this situation the necessity to take steps for saving the nature monuments of Smolensk region is appearing. It is necessary to clearly recognize the current state of the nature monuments, to legalize their borders, to make the detailed passports, to determine the arrangements for saving the unique nature objects and complexes for the next generations.

The work in this direction was started by the ecological section of the Smolensk Viking-Nevo club in 1996. Financial support was provided by international ecological funds and regional Environmental Protection Department. The enthusiasts of the Viking-Nevo club made expeditions to 87 natural objects of Smolensk region, inspected their current state and made the passports which had got the high marks from the regional Environmental Protection Department.

It is not beyond any doubt that the work which was started mast be continued. But the efforts of only one organization are not enough! The Viking-Nevo club developed the regional program which let to interest many of children and students of Smolensk region in environmental measures.

The program of saving the nature monuments in Smolensk region provides the following steps:

  1. Inspection of all natural monuments in Smolensk region, and making the unified passports for every of them.
  2. Interest in study of natural monuments as many children and students as possible. In that way the important question of youth ecological education will be solved.
  3. Organizing the monitoring and necessary protection of the natural monuments using the youth help first of all.
  4. Organizing the work for finding the objects which can be the natural monuments but don’t have this status.
  5. Developing the projects of saving the natural monuments which have much degradation and man’s impact.

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