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In July-August 2005 the historical and patriotic expedition to the Finnish town of Kotka was organized

In July-July 2005 the sailing regattas “Ladoga-2005” and “Konakovo-2005” were organized. The crews of the Viking-Nevo club showed excellent results!

The “Parks Festival 2005” is taking place in Smolensk region at present time

On the 6th of February 2005 the VII Winter Viking Games had success in Finland again. The Viking-Nevo team won the Games for the third time!

In January 2005 the traditional festival “Children and Ecology XXI Century” was held near Smolensk

Sport-expeditionary club “Viking-Nevo”
(Smolensk, Russia)

The Viking-Nevo club is a public youth organization which was founded in 1988. The club has about 300 members including people from Finland and Sweden. The main club’s activities are following:

organizing annual scientific and sport expeditions and voyages

The Viking-Nevo club is one of the world leaders in exploring the ancient water route “from Varangians to Greeks”. Since 1988 the 17 large-scale scientific research expeditions were organized along this ancient waterway. Eight voyages were realized within the bounds of international joint project in co-operation with Vikings from Norway, Sweden and Finland. Read more…

organizing ecological work with the youth

In June 1995 the school forestry “Viking” was founded by joint decision of the Viking-Nevo club and Smolensk Forest Department. The Viking-Nevo club includes the ecological sections of the six Smolensk schools and two schools of Smolensk region. The club has the close contacts with the national park “Smolensk Lakes”. Read more…

popularization the aquatic and winter sports, tourism and a healthy living

The Viking-Nevo club develops the aquatic kinds of sports: swimming, rowing, sailing, as well as skiing, tourism and sport orienteering. Since the year 2000 the team of the Viking-Nevo club represents Russia on the international Winter Viking Games in Finland — the Viking-Nevo team is the three time winner of this competition. Read more…

The Viking-Nevo club is rewarded with:

The Viking-Nevo club is the winner of

and the prize-winner of


Sergey Suhoruchenkov

The chief of the Viking-Nevo club:

Address: Vorobieva 6/7, Smolensk, 214013, Russia
Tel.: +7-0812-66-43-45
E-mail: viking-nevo@yandex.ru
Internet: http://viking-nevo.narod.ru

We are looking forward to co-operate with like-minded all over the world!

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