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Organizing the ecological water expeditions

2002 — International ecological expedition along the Dnieper river

Dnieper river 2002

In July 2002 the international ecological expedition along the Dnieper river was organized. 20 students and pupils from Smolensk took part in the big international ecological project with support of the International Development Research Centre (Ottawa, Canada) and with the financial help of the United Nations Development Program, Smolensk city administration ( Ivan Averchenkov ), ecological fond “Revival of the Dnieper river” (Nikolay Mankov) and Smolensk Council of Russian Defence and Sports Technical Organization (Yury Samsonov). Read more…

2003 — Ecological expedition along the Vyazma river — the left confluent of the Dnieper river

Vyazma river 2003

In June-August 2003 the ecological expedition along the Vyazma river was organized. The expedition had the following goals: increasing the awareness of people about the condition of the Dnieper river in the Smolensk region; attracting attention to the need to take strong steps in solving the ecological problems; realization the nature-conservative measures in practice; making the educational materials; and realization the attendant informational measures. Read more…

2004 — Historical and cultural expedition “Rusich”

The Baltic Sea 2004

In the middle of June 2004 a historical-cultural expedition “Rusich” started along the northern part of the ancient route “from Varangians to Greeks”. The participants of the voyage sailed 690 miles by sailing-motor boat “Bylina” through Ladoga Lake, Neva-river and Finnish Gulf from the beginnings of the Russian State, from its first capital Staraya Ladoga to the capital of Finland, to Helsinki. The Rusich expedition had the cultural, sport and ecological goals. Read more…

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