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2002 — International ecological expedition along the Dnieper river

Date: July 2002
Route: the Dnieper river — from the source up to the Belarussian border

The passing of 500 kilometers route took for the participants of the expedition over three weeks. 20 students and pupils from Smolensk took part in the big international ecological project with support of the International Development Research Centre (Ottawa, Canada) and with the financial help of the United Nations Development Program, Smolensk city administration ( Ivan Averchenkov ), ecological fond “Revival of the Dnieper river” (Nikolay Mankov) and Smolensk Council of Russian Defence and Sports Technical Organization (Yury Samsonov).

Leader of the expedition:

Sergey Suhoruchenkov — the chief of the Viking-Nevo club and its ecological section.

Scientific adviser of the expedition:

Victor Shkalikov — the head of the ecological department of the Smolensk University for the Humanities, candidate of geographical science.

Goals of the expedition:

One of the conclusions of the expedition is that the Dnieper river reviving is the problem of all the people and it must be solved by everyone, by young and old alike. From the pupil who will not lazy to scavenge, and up to the ecological specialist who will construct the treatment plant correctly and do utmost for its speedy putting into operation.

Valley of the Dnieper river
One of the deep places on the Dnieper river
Lilies means the clean water in the Dnieper river
Railway bridge Moscow-Belarus
Local boys don't afraid the height
Consecration the source of the Dnieper river
Bread and salt
Neptune's festival on the Dnieper river
Participants of the expedition
Removing the barriers with the boat
Pontoon bridge over crossing
On the Dnieper river
Rowing in the Dnieper river
On the Dnieper river

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